April 12, 2017    Change of plans

Due to *ahem* popular demand, after 18 years, here's finally a Windows port and video capture of Change of Plans — a 64kb intro released at the Takeover '99 party.

While at it, there are now also updated versions and video captures of E330, Are you satisfied?, Space Mango, Melora and Wild Demo.

Update 22-4: Also added some javascript/emscripten versions.

These are the download and video links:

NameGroupType#Released at
Are you satisfied?DomageDemo1stBizarre '99Windows versionYoutubeBrowser
Change of PlansStandard64kb intro4thTakeover '99Windows versionYoutube
E330Superstition64kb intro1stAmbience '99Windows versionYoutubeBrowser
MeloraSuperstitionDemo2ndAmbience '99Windows versionYoutube
Space MangoSuperstition64kb intro5thAmbience '99Windows versionYoutubeBrowser
Wild DemoKontvlokken PosseWild demoInscene '99Windows versionYoutubeBrowser

Change of plans (Standard; Takeover '99)

  • Initial windows port!
  • Completely rewritten music stripping (now just patches the .xm in memory). It actually even has upgrading to 16 bit 44khz support, but this makes the imperfect sample looping all the more obvious.
  • Fixed edges of radial blur.
  • Made motion blur somewhat framerate dependent. Unfortunately, the more this is run on practically the same image, it loses precision quite a bit, so it's clamped to an upper limit.
  • Elongated greetings part so the intro doesn't exit right in the middle of a music section. Use '/party' option for the short version.
  • Fixed second 3D scene timing precision.
  • Uses a lot less memory than the original.

Melora (Superstition; Ambience '99)

  • Precaching the images to reduce stutter between parts.
  • Fixed a lot of timing issues. Most timing would be at integer 'frame' steps running at 70Hz. This worked mostly well with our actual frame rate being far below that at the time. Not so much right now.
    • Timing in the title would sometimes be off and crossfade the wrong images.
    • Second tunnel effect in the title would not show up when running >35fps (affecting the timing of the third).
    • Increased timers for tunnels, blobs, camera paths.
    • "Fixed" particle speed in first 3D scene. They do appear at a different position than the DOS version, but I don't know what uninitialized variable to attribute that to. The path file for the particles doesn't exist, and it didn't exist back then, so what data it used is beyond me.
  • Fixed z-buffer/sorting issue in second 3D scene. This should have had distance fog in the original, but didn't. For some reason going beyond z-buffer range now looks even worse than back then, so I've just fixed the fog (and clip in the distance).

Are you satisfied? (Domage; Bizarre '99)

  • Cut up some of the images to improve performance.
  • Clamping scroll texts to 85% of the horizontal area, or 'title safe area' if you will.
  • Higher precision interpolation for the tunnels/planes.

E330 (Superstition; Ambience '99)

  • Added hyphen to 'NO-XS', which the original font didn't include.
  • Added loading progress bar.

Wild Demo (Kontvlokken Posse; Inscene '99)

  • Converted some of the images to non-progressive jpegs.
  • Cleaned up smudge of black on the 'tiger' overlay image.

Generic (applicable to all)

  • If your monitor only supports 640x480 and up, the fullscreen mode is upscaled 2X.
  • When running windowed (alt+enter); if the primary monitor is at least 3 times as large as 320x200, the window is upscaled 2X.
  • Allows exit during load (at some intervals).
  • Fixed fullscreen flickering window border.
  • Fixed MiniFMOD position bug (position would sometimes jump back causing timing issues as the demos rely on the playback position).
December 24, 2011    The season is upon us

3D Christmas in the City is a screensaver I wrote while working at Shortcut back in the year 2000 to promote their site gizmozone.com. It's a flight through a festively themed city with tiny cars driving around. And lots of snow. It was featured on MSN the year after and as a result got downloaded over a million times in a week.

This is the hardware accelerated version, only 11 years later. It doesn't have the neat portal clipping of the original, but it's fast enough to run on netbooks with slow Intel integrated graphics cards. And the simulation has been modified to run smooth at any frame rate. I've left out the music this time, so turn on your favourite christmas stream!

D3D Christmas in the City
July 3, 2011    Impact Texture Studio 33.1

Impact Texture Studio is a texture designer application, producing (mostly) tileable images. It was originally created for MS-DOS with a Windows-like user interface in 1998/1999 to design procedurally generated textures for 64kb intros. Click here or on the blatantly oversized screenshot to download. (Windows 32 bit executable).

Impact Texture Studio

This is a maintenance update addressing some compatibility issues (see below) and adding some minor new features.

Changes in version 33.1:

  • The import file browser shows a preview of the selected image file.
  • Importing supports 32bpp .bmp images. Also fixed a potential problem with grayscale images.
  • Vista / Windows 7 style main menu.
  • Alt-tabbing when in a filter dialog preserves focus on the active element.
  • Fixed timing issue when cancelling a filter dialog when the preview is being drawn.
  • Workaround for crash when a new volume is detected on Windows 7.
  • Fixed full screen flicker on startup.

Some example textures (click to download):

cop6.its cop7.its demo.its water.its brick.its oakfloor.its fractal.its

Impact Texture Studio on Pout.

July 12, 2007    Impact Texture Studio 33

This is an almost complete rewrite of the Windows port of the original DOS version, using our new UI framework. It adds extra filters (that had been lying around since 1999), and Photoshop-style preview on the layer windows.

New in version 33:

  • Imports images (.jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tga and .pcx formats) and rescales them to 256x256 in the currently selected layer. Please note that these are saved as raw data thus taking up 256kb per image.
  • Export to .pcx and .jpg formats. (Used to be targa only). Targa writes an alpha channel if the texture is using it.
  • Keeps history of recent files, supports dropping files from explorer, passing a file name on the command line.
  • Background preview on the actual texture. Runs on a low priority thread.
  • Redo. This means you can undo an entire texture and redoing each step to see how it was created.
  • Added alpha channel to most filters. The generation filters now also work on this, and you can copy separate channels now to get something into the alpha channel. Note that empty new textures are fully opaque for backwards compatibility.
  • Keyboard support for the dialogs, slider editboxes are now editable. Alt-1..6 changes focus window. Added some accelerator keys (listed in the menus).
  • New filters: Copy Channel, Brick, Cells, Mandelbrot Fractal, Gaussian Blur, Maximum, Crystallize, Quantize, Gamma, Threshold, Tile X, Tile Y and Arbitrary Rotate.
  • Better support for visual themes (and Windows Vista!).
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